Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Wow!, I just created this blog two days ago and the emails and well-wishes are flooding in, so let me address a couple quick items that I'm getting asked at lot about....

First, my physical (snail) mail address. Many of you have asked how to send care packages for me and the rest of my unit and here is where you can mail them to.

Ken Mahoy
APO AE 09356

Note: Please do not use my rank of Master Sergeant (MSgt.) in the address; just list it exactly as seen above.

Secondly, for those that wanted to become involved with TAO Project, let me first say, "Awesome!".... But I also wanted to clarify that the orphanage has not been built yet. At this point sending school supplies and such would be somewhat premature, but I certainly won't refuse them. ;-) But in all honesty, if you want to make the biggest impact for them, visit their site (
TAO Project) and make a monetary donation. I'll post more later on the utter poverty and need for help I witnessed in Afghanistan three years ago, but please know that whatever you can give - no matter how insignificant it may seem to you - is sorely needed there.

And lastly, as always, thank you so much for your encouraging words that are already flowing in. Just because this is now my third trip to the sandbox, it doesn't make any of this "routine" in ANY way. Saying good-bye to your kids... your family... are still just as difficult - if not more so, simply because I've been down this road before and "know" how difficult this is going to be for them. It hurts. Plain and simple.

I think this blog thing is going to work out. :-) I've gotten lots of good responses already and I promise to keep posting as often as possible to keep you all in the loop.

"The world is not yet exhausted; let me see something tomorrow which I never saw before." - Samual Johnson

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T-BoneSwift said...

Please post a list of items you and your coworkers need or would find beneficial. I know you needed band-aids on a previous trip and a nice (short) person sent them to you. It is difficult for us to understand the living conditions there so it would be best if you coach us on what items are proper and useful.

Aim high,

Robert Tackett