Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Serena Hotel bombing...

I want to quickly address the attacks on the Serena Hotel here in Kabul the other day because I now there are some out there who are concerned. Let me first say, I’m fine. In fact, truth be told, I never even knew it happened until I woke up and checked the on-line news. The Serena Hotel is just a couple blocks from here and from others’ accounts of the bombing, it shook the base here pretty good. I don’t know if I’m just too jaded to notice anymore, or if I was just too tired to care, but – laughingly – I slept right through it.

But let me also put it this way. Say you lived in a small town and there is a shooting down a few blocks from you. Chances are you won’t hear much about it unless you get a call or you hear it on the news either. So my point is, it really was no big deal and even though it was suicide bombers, it is the usual stuff here. Part of what I do is provide and maintain the computer and communication systems that help those higher ranking than me call in the close air support, radio the QRF’s (Quick Reaction Forces), call in the medevac teams, etc…. and a slew of other related decisions, so if I’m on shift, then yes, I know all about what’s going on usually before it hits the news, but if I’m back here in my room, then I’m just as oblivious as the next person – even, apparently, when it’s a bomb that shakes the ground. *smile*

As for what that attack means, I see it as yet another attack on peace and progress in the post-war Afghanistan. But I also understand that things like this happen, and we simply do our part to combat it as best we can.

Finally, please don’t worry. This is what we do and why we’re here, simply put. There is a lot of good being done here that you’ll never hear about (although I hope my blog helps alleviate some of that absence of good news) and then there are the bad days, like the bombing at the Serena Hotel.

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Bag Blog said...

I just stopped by via Being a Soldiers' Angel and addicted to my computer, I like to keep up with our soldiers and what is happening in the ME. I hope you don't mind if I earmark your blog and follow you around on this your third deployment. You seem to have a good sense of humor and nice writing style. Good luck with this deployment.

Anonymous said...

Love reading about your trip you are amazing. Paul and I are doing great hang in there you are in our thought and prayers.