Friday, January 11, 2008

Bag Drag - Part 2


Hmmm.... someone just woke me up - again - to kick me off the plane here at Ramstein AB in Germany.... I'm a little disoriented, groggy, and just plain tired and ready to find a bed.

Our first jump across the pond landed us in Shannon, Ireland. Here's what I remember of that airport.... ummm... let's see.... I got off the walkway, found the nearest - and I mean NEAREST row of unoccupied seats... and laid across them and slept - HARD! Sometime later - about an hour and a half I'm told - our FDT (Fighter Duty Tech) woke me up to get back on the plane. On that jaunt across the Atlantic they showed at least three movies..... Transformers (which I only caught the last half of after waking up), Daddy Daycare (or Day camp?) or some such thing.... I really don't know.... why?.... you guessed it - I was asleep again! And the third movie?.... Haven't a clue. *lol* Once again, asleep.

This is what I remember about these bag drags; messed up sleep schedules, and rushing around just so we can sit around for the next leg of the trip. That's where another frequently-used military phrase comes into play - "Hurry up and wait!" We have been rushed through hallways and turnstiles, much like cattle going to market, only to be told to just "sit" and wait for them to call us. It's ok though.... this is the way it works. I know this.

One last thing I'll say about Ramstein here is that the facility here is MUCH improved.... brand new passenger terminal, complete with play areas for the kids, family lounges, nice art deco styling, and best of all, free wireless internet hot spots (nod to the USO for providing it).... so all in all, I realize that this could be much, much worse. Yaaawwwnnn.... ssttrrreeeetttchhhh..... I just need more sleep.

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Spellchecker35 (l'il sis) said...

Hey! Glad to hear you made it that far and got some sleep. Now, for getting some restful sleep.... :o) We love reading your posts; hope you can post often! Take care and know we love you, man!!!

Dietz said...

You never cease to amaze me man. With as little sleep as you've gotten, you can still manage to have a good sense of humor and put sentences together that are grammatically correct..I love it.
Of course, I frequently think of your safety and the time you have ahead of you. The blog thing was an incredible idea for communication. It's great for anyone to check in on you whenever they want to. I'll mail you frequently with stupid/cool/boring/exciting stuff. Darci and Lexi send their love and all of us hope you reconsider bringing a dead camel spider back with you...Stay low, loose and full of juice.