Sunday, February 3, 2008

Random thoughts...

It's not been "all" doom and gloom here by what you hear in the news reports, and hopefully you get a glimpse into some of what real life is here at ISAF in Kabul by reading this blog. But let me share with you some other not-so-well-known truths I've discovered so far on this tour and some other light-hearted things we do to keep ourselves entertained here.

Lessons learned so far:

  1. Do not take off your shoes on a cross-Atlantic flight and expect to find clean, “dry” floors in the lavatory

  2. Do not take off your glasses, place them in your unzipped toiletry bag, and expect to find them later after swinging and dangling your toiletry bag on your way back to your room from the shower.

  3. Do not mix a packet of Crystal Light lemonade into your water bottle, and then immediately attempt to put in your contacts without first washing your hands!

  4. Do not go to chow with your M-4 Carbine, unsling your weapon, sit down and eat, and then walk out lighter than when you came in.

  5. Do not put on your armored vest AFTER you’ve already slung your weapon over your shoulder!

  6. Do not walk into work carrying 5 care packages you just received in front of the only guy in your unit who hasn’t received any mail!
And some other fun things we do here to keep entertained.....

Recently we all finally finished in-processing the base by attending the last orientation class about a week ago. But up until that day, before getting issued our meal cards, we had to manually "sign in" when going to the chow hall to eat. There were over 30 different notepads with each nation's flag on it, so it was a hassle to sign in every day. It only took 2 or 3 episodes of this to turn it into a fun exercise in names. One day Bixby signed in as Bert, and I signed in underneath him as Ernie. The next day I was LuLu, and he was Trixy... and on and on and.... (you get the picture.... *grin*)

We also have these forms that have to be filled in and submitted to the chow hall if you plan on picking up a "to go" meal, for instance, if you are on-shift and can't leave your post. Bixby went to pick up two meals for "Bruce Banner" and "Clark Kent" the other day when two of his guys couldn't leave their post. *lol* It's not done to make fun of the guy who sits there monitoring signatures, but it does seem peculiar to us that he can't even read English. *smile*

Ok...enough random humor for now.... have to head to work.

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Spellchecker35 said...

BWAHAHAHA Thanks for my daily laugh!!!!

Bag Blog said...

Back in the day when guys had to sign in when entering the girls dorm, my brother was helping me move in to my dorm. The girl behind the desk did not look up, but said, "Names!" My brother ansered, "Joe Nameth and Willie Nelson!" great fun!

Ky Woman said...

Just one question, did you share your care packages? Umm, if you would and he wants, send his name and addy to me and I'll send him his very own care packages. I'm part of soldiers angels...

Stay safe!

mahoy78spyder said...

Ky woman... yes, I did share. In fact, we ALL share our items we get from home in our "goodies" supply cabinet in the shop where we work. *smile* The name of my friend who has yet to get any mail is named Brent. His address is as follows if you want to send him anything - I "know" he'd appreciate it.

Brent Bixby
APO AE 09356

Thanks so much!!

Ky Woman said...


You done good by sharing...
You can tell Brent to be expecting mail (from KY of course) in the very near future. Maybe he will share too. ;-)
Gotta keep those "goodies" supply cabinets filled, ya know?